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Welcome to A History of Mystery.  Here you will find an encyclopedia of all the greatest mysteries, secrets, and unexplained phenomena from hundreds, even thousands of years.  If you have a taste from the paranormal or you’d like to explore some of the most baffling unsolved crimes in history, AMysteryOfHistory.com is here to provide you such information.

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Here at AHistoryOfMystery.com, we leave no stone unturned, we cover cases and stories surrounding UFOs & USOs, Paranormal & Supernatural phenomena, Lost Treasures, Secret Bases, Anomalies, Crimes, Strange Events, Cryptozoology, unidentified creatures, and plenty more.  We are continuously updating our website with all the latest, coolest, and mind-boggling mysteries from all over the world.  Never want to miss another mystery?  Subscribe to our newsletter and we will put you in the front row for all the latest and greatest mysteries.

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