The Lost City of Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis The Lost City of Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis was thought to be one of the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world before it magically vanished and became the holy grail of modern archaeology.

Many generations of scientists and explorers have set out in quest of the 4,000 year old city, but all have ended in failure thus far.

The legend comes from Plato, the great philosopher, who wrote of this mysterious city, and is the only ancient source for the myth of Atlantis.  Plato’s descriptions of Atlantis are incredible intricate.  His writings provide any Atlantis seeker a detailed road map, but even so, no one has discovered a single trace of the lost civilization.

According to Plato, Atlantis was an island kingdom with land rings and circular harbors, situated just beyond the pillars of Hercules.  The pillars of Hercules were known by every ancient writer as we located in, what we call today, the straits of Gibraltar, between the coasts of southern Spain and northern Morocco.

Some believe the lost city of Atlantis to be buried in a huge marsh in Southern Spain, under the mudflats of Doñana National Park.

The Lost City of AtlantisIn 2004, a young German physicist, Rainer Kuehne, who had researched Plato’s writings, discovered strange circular patterns in satellite photographs of the mudflats.  Comparing the photographs to Plato’s description, Kuehne believes the measurements Plato gave match the circular patterns he sees.  Further more, Kuehne noticed a rectangular anomaly within the circular patterns which match the exact dimensions Plato gave for Poseidon’s temple.  Kuehne’s discoveries have spawned a full scale investigation backed by the latest technology into whether the lost city of Atlantis really lies there.

Plato’s final chapter claims Atlantis was destroyed by earth quakes and severe flooding in a single day and night.  If that is true, and if the lost city of Atlantis was where the tsunamis attacked, the lost city could have been washed into the sea and onto the sea bed.

Another theory revolves around Plato’s writings pointing to the lost city of Atlantis being located much farther east, on the islands of Greece, namely Crete.

Where ever the lost city of Atlantis is, or whether is even exists, is yet to be discovered and remains one of the biggest unexplained mysteries of our time.

The Lost City of AtlantisThe lost city of Atlantis has earned many references from books to movies, including the more recent Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, where a young explorer investigates a strange signal he believes to be from his grandfather.  Using his step father’s (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) navy skills to solve a puzzle and figure out co-ordinates, he convinces him he has found the mysterious island where his grandfather (Michael Caine) is.  After flying into an alley of tornadoes and dangerous storms, they find themselves on the mysterious island, and upon exploring the area they discover the lost city of Atlantis.  We won’t say anymore about the movie because we don’t want to spoil it for people who may not have seen it, but we would highly recommend watching this adventurous family comedy.

One of the more dedicated references to the lost city of Atlantis is the hotel complexes in Dubai and The Bahamas.  The architectural geniuses behind these pieces of art seemed to spare no expense when it came to designing Atlantis and trying to re-create the magic of the lost city without ever laying eyes on it.  If you’ve ever visited one of the Atlantis hotel locations, we’re sure you’ll agree they did a great job.

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The Lost City of Atlantis